To reach the multiplayer menu, tap the "Battle" button at the lower right. Now you have the choice between fighting single-player battles in the campaign on the left and multiplayer on the right. Next, choose the kind of battle you would like to fight:

Real-Time Duels: To duel another player in real-time, just tap on the "Attack" button in the "Private Duel" section. Now enter the password agreed upon with your friend. Once your friend is online and enters the same password, the game server will connect you. The battle begins right away.

Castle Raid: In the "Attack Castle" area, you can select an opponent. Use the refresh icon to see different opponents. You will see the opponents’ player name, level and castle. Tapping the arrow icon opens a profile window with additional information about the opponent. Once you have chosen an opponent, select "Attack". As your opponent is offline at this moment, the castle you attack will be controlled by the AI.

Castle Raid in leaderboard: Open the leaderboard. Here, you can directly see other players and attack them. A tap on the name gives you the possibility to view the player profile or attack the player directly. A green light next to the crown indicates that this player is currently online. Whether online or not, the attacked castle is always played by the AI.