General FAQs

Invite your friends to join "Moorhuhn Knights & Castles"!

We have put a lot of effort into creating a game that is fun for young and old. The more players on the battleground, the more opponents for your attacks and lootings. In addition, many players allow us to maintain and further develop the game for the long-term.

It would be a great pleasure for us if you would recommend "Moorhuhn Knights & Castles" to your friends and if they join the big "Moorhuhn Knights & Castles" fan community as well!

Also, we encourage you to share screenshots of your castle and your victories on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How can I play and control "Moorhuhn Knights & Castles" on the Nintendo Switch?

"Moorhuhn Knights & Castles" can be played in handheld mode via touchscreen or with both Joy-Con controllers. In tabletop mode and TV mode, you can use both Joy-Con or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to play it.

What is the single-player campaign?

In the single-player campaign, you face 36 opposing castles, each one stronger than the previous one. Twelve of the castles are located in the Scottish Highlands, in an ice or volcanic landscape. The campaign is open to all players right from the start.

Where can I see my level, and what does it represent?

Your current level is displayed on a sign in the upper left corner of the construction menu. Behind it, you can find your experience bar. It fills up gradually whenever you get experience points. Once the experience bar is full, your level increases, which allows you to use new items and to enhance your existing possessions.

How do I gain experience points?

With every duel you play, you gain experience points. After each fight, they are displayed behind the shield icon. Experience points gradually fill up the experience bar displayed behind your current level in the construction menu. Once the experience bar is full, your level increases. That allows you to use new items and to enhance your existing possessions.

How do I win a fight?

To win a fight, you either need to leave your opponent defenseless by destroying all of his weapons or destroying the throne room. After the opponent’s throne room has been destroyed, you still win even if the opponent has some weapons left.

Can I destroy the enemy characters?

No, you can only destroy the weapons and buildings blocks of the castles, like walls, roofs, bridges, treasure chests and the throne room. You cannot destroy the characters, animals and decoration items. However, the figures disappear when their weapon is destroyed.

Which weapons have special functions, and how do I trigger them?

Many of the weapons in the game have special features. Usually you can increase the damage caused by it considerably:
  • Catapult: Tap on the touch screen again while the catapult bullet moves towards the target. The bullet then splits into three bullets and causes 1.5 times the damage.
  • Fire Cannon: Tap on the touch screen again just before the impact and set off a bigger explosion.
  • Mage: Tap on the touch screen while the magician's fireball is in the air and trigger a vertical flash of great destructive power.
  • Glider: Unlike the other weapons, you can only influence the glider's trajectory slightly. Depending on how long you hold the glider in place before firing, the launch angle changes. If you tap on the touch screen during a dive, you'll accelerate the flight and increase the damage.

How do the Shields work?

Shields can take a lot of punishment – and they can be specialized to defend against specific weapons. Use them to optimally modify your castle to withstand enemy attacks.

Ah, you want to protect against certain attacks?

To specialize a shield, select it and then use the shield symbol from the menu. Choose between rock, fire or magic and you have one less worry. No specialization, hmm? Then choose Balanced.

What about the stars?

The stars indicate how successful you have been in finishing a level in the campaign. The faster you defeat your opponent, the more stars you receive. The bar in the upper screen area shows the time remaining and the number of stars left for you to get in this level. In the overview map, the number of stars you have been awarded in each level is displayed. Of course, you should always try to get three stars. Nevertheless, you can play every level as often as you want until you get all three stars.

Can I play a campaign level more than once?

Yes, you can — and you should! Repeating levels is a good method to earn gold. As you progress through the campaign, beating the earlier levels and getting three stars becomes easier. Of course, these early campaigns offer less loot than the later ones.

What do I need gold for?

With gold, you can buy new weapons, building blocks, power-ups or decorations. You also need gold to repair your castle after a battle.

Can I buy gold?

No, you can’t! You have to play in order to earn gold and experience.

How do I earn gold?

Every fight is rewarded with gold, no matter if you play a campaign on the map or a multiplayer battle against other players or the computer.

Build a treasure chamber and keep upgrading it! For every battle fought, the treasure chamber will earn you extra gold.

How can I get lots of gold as fast as possible?

Just try out different strategies and find out yourself. The amount of gold and experience you can gain increases with the difficulty level of your opponent and your level of progress in the campaign.

What are Power Ups?

Power Ups offer you the unique possibility to fight your opponent with exceptionally powerful weapons or defenses.

Be careful, though: Each Power Up can only be used once and has to be purchased again for the next fight. Drag your Power Ups from the menu to the empty circles.

What do the repair Power Ups do?

There are two repair Power Ups. With the general repair Power Up, you can repair all the damage of your castle during a battle. However, it does not repair your weapons.

There is a special Power Up for repairing your weapons. To get the most out of it, you should not use it until you've reached a high level and battles take a long time.

Why can’t I fill an unlimited number of construction spots?

The number of spots available and thus the size of your castle depends on your level. As you progress and level up, additional construction spots are unlocked. This way, your castle grows along with your experience.

Exception: Decorations directly attached to the castle do not use up any construction spots! However, decorations that are placed next to the castle (such as the windmill or the horse) do use up construction spots.

After opening the construction menu by tapping on the "Build" button, you can see the number of available and used construction spots.

How can I reinforce my castle?

There are different approaches. You can upgrade your walls and most of your weapons gradually. Items are marked with their current and their maximum level. Wooden walls, for example, will eventually become stone walls. The positioning of walls and weapons, however, is crucial as well. It goes without saying that it’s a good idea to optimally protect your king and to refrain from putting your mightiest weapons in the front row.

To rearrange or add to your castle, touch on the "Build" button. Now you can see the number of available and already in-use construction spots. With each level you ascend to, you'll get another spot until the maximum is reached.

How many times can I level up my walls and weapons?

All elements can be upgraded by up to 18 levels, except the holder, which can only be upgraded up to level 10.

What’s the purpose of decorations?

Decorations give your castle a personal and individual appearance and show your opponent what a successful fighter looks like. However, decorations have no influence on your attacks or your defense. Nevertheless, if you look huge and powerful, you might be attacked and looted less often.

Do decorations use up any construction spots?

Decorations directly attached to the castle do not use up any construction spots! However, decorations that are placed next to the castle (such as the windmill or the horse) do use up construction spots.

Where can I learn more about the characteristics of the castle elements and weapons?

In the construction menu, each object has its own blue info button. The info window has all the information you need to know about that object.

Is it possible to lose my castle?

No! That would be too mean. Of course, you receive less gold and experience points for a battle you lose, but even a defeat grants you at least a little experience.

In a multiplayer defeat, you lose crowns — the multiplayer coins — whenever you are looted or defeated in a duel. This could also lower your multiplayer ranking.

Sometimes dragging and aiming doesn’t work correctly!

Your view of the game should always allow for enough freedom of movement towards the bottom left of the screen. This can be established by zooming in or out and by moving the displayed area to the left.

What is the reward for shooting the treasure chest?

If you shoot them down, you will receive between 1000 and 3000 pieces of gold. The actual amount is rolled each time the game is played.

Do I need an internet connection to play the game?

No internet connection is required to play the single-player campaigns. However, if you want to attack your friends' or other players' castles in multiplayer mode, you must first connect to the internet.

Multiplayer FAQs

NOTE: Multiplayer battles are only possible with the FREE feature pack planned for spring 2020

Soon you will be able to attack other players or play against your friends in real-time. Please be patient a little longer, and soon you will receive a free update that will enable you to fight against other players worldwide. It is your choice whether you continue playing the campaign, attack other castles or compete in a private duel in real-time with friends.

Use the time until then to expand your castle, upgrade your arsenal and optimize your strategy. This increases your chances of a top position in the multiplayer leaderboard.

Look forward with us to the many new possibilities!

In multiplayer, how can I play against other players?

That’s easy! Go to the construction menu and tap on "Fight" to access the campaign and multiplayer screen. On the right-hand side, you see the multiplayer area. Here you can access all multiplayer options.

What are my multiplayer options?

To reach the multiplayer menu, tap the "Battle" button at the lower right. Now you have the choice between fighting single-player battles in the campaign on the left and multiplayer on the right. Next, choose the kind of battle you would like to fight:

Real-Time Duels: To duel another player in real-time, just tap on the "Attack" button in the "Private Duel" section. Now enter the password agreed upon with your friend. Once your friend is online and enters the same password, the game server will connect you. The battle begins right away.

Castle Raid: In the "Attack Castle" area, you can select an opponent. Use the refresh icon to see different opponents. You will see the opponents’ player name, level and castle. Tapping the arrow icon opens a profile window with additional information about the opponent. Once you have chosen an opponent, select "Attack". As your opponent is offline at this moment, the castle you attack will be controlled by the AI.

Castle Raid in leaderboard: Open the leaderboard. Here, you can directly see other players and attack them. A tap on the name gives you the possibility to view the player profile or attack the player directly. A green light next to the crown indicates that this player is currently online. Whether online or not, the attacked castle is always played by the AI.

What does the leaderboard show?

Tens of thousands of kings are on the battlefield. But who among them is the smartest strategist, owns the best castle and has the strongest weapons?

There are three kinds of leaderboards: weekly (reset to zero every Sunday at midnight Middle-European time), the overall board and your private leaderboard for you and your friends.

Each list shows you the top 50 players and the 25 players above/below your own position. You can also view the opponents' player profile and attack them directly.

How does the automatic matchmaking for multiplayer duels work?

When the game is looking for an opponent for you, it's done according to your level and the strength of your castle to give both players a fair chance.

How do I loot my opponents?

Open the multiplayer menu or the leaderboard to attack and loot opponents directly whenever you want. The AI will take over for the attacked player. If you win, you receive gold, crowns and experience points depending on the strength of your opponent and the damage you caused. But beware: The AI will use everything the opponent castle offers to defend it.

How are the rewards for multiplayer battles determined?

The higher your opponent’s ranking compared to yours, the more crowns you will get if you win. Gold and experience points depend on the strength of the castle.

What’s the purpose of collecting crowns?

The crowns indicate how much of a threat you are in multiplayer. This is important for all of your multiplayer activities! The more crowns you have, the more experienced and skilled you are and the higher up you are in the leaderboard.

Help FAQs

How do I get help if I have not found an answer to my question in the FAQs?

You can contact our support team by e-mail. Write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and don't forget to include your player name and ID. Your player profile will open when you tap on the Coat of Arms with the level indicator in the top left corner.

If possible, please write to us in German or English.

I think I found a bug in the game. What should I do?

It would be great if you'd let us know about possible bugs. Send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with as much information as possible, so that we can duplicate the error. Screenshots are often helpful.

If possible, please write to us in German or English.

The translation in my language contains errors. What do you want me to do?

In order to give our international players the best possible gaming experience, we have taken great pains to offer the game in many languages. If you think we can improve something, we would love to hear your feedback. Send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details on where the erroneous text is displayed and what the correct phrasing should be.

If possible, please write to us in German or English.