Welcome kings and queens all over the world!

The Young Fun Studio team welcomes you to "Moorhuhn Knights & Castles." Take on the role of the king or queen in this action-packed, build-up strategy game for Nintendo Switch. Although each battle lasts only a few minutes, you must prove your stamina and skill. You have to capture gold and experience points with as many battles as possible, so you step up level by level and unlock cool new castle elements and weapons.

You've got to develop the right strategy. Try different things to figure out how your castle can best defend itself against enemy attacks, what weapons will scare your opponents the most and how you can turn their castles into dust and ashes. In the 36-part campaign, battles take place in the Scottish Highlands, in an icy landscape and near lava-spewing volcanoes. Of course, you can always return to previous battles at any time and as often as you like until you get the ideal strategy and capture all the stars. Take a look at the Questions & Answers section (in the settings) to get some tips.

As you focus on becoming the biggest commander of the Highlands, our team is working hard on a big FREE Feature Pack. This update, planned for Spring 2018, extends "Moorhuhn Knights & Castles" with many multiplayer functions. You can then attack the castles of players all over the world at any time. You can either let the game server suggest your opponents or you can select them in the leaderboard. Of course, you can also fight private duels against your friends. And the best thing is that all kings and queens can compete against each other in the rankings. Weekly and all-time rankings show who is No. 1.

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The game is available in the Nintendo eShop:
> from 28 December 2017 - Japan
> from 08 January 2018 - Europe / Australia and New Zealand
> from 11 January 2018 - America

We wish you many victories and fat prey!

The "Moorhuhn Knights & Castles" team